If I am at the point to where it is discussed then it’s already found a way to be developed and incorporated into my plans.  Wrote this a long time ago in the blog: 

“When I put my vision together, we should have the capabilities of accelerating substantially larger visions into a more doable lifetime.  Ideas actually form (in their entirety) over periods of hundreds of years.”  

That means this is already developed/detailed out. And each milestone is taking me at least a year now to figure out, because there are so many other details by this point.  But no one will be exiting if I can not gain enough leverage entering the market.

Strange how one day you’re just no longer viewed as the underdog, can’t even say “hey need some capital to eat over here, VCs”. Or “can’t think straight because I still haven’t leveraged anything”.  Or “anxiety is too high because the disparity between my current reality vs my plans is too high”.

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