Experimental VC

VC experiences and perspectives are very tainted.  At one point I was making a VC bio, and then benchmarking how it changed the results of the same experiments.  It changed the results so dramatically, I had to take it off quickly.  Basically my ass was coddled/kissed far too much, and everything I was told was a lie.

A few other things…

  • Measuring how information would travel through networks. I planted different documents and stories with the help of different entrepreneurs; then tracked where it went.
  • What was most ironic, was we think of Silicon Valley as being a place that everyone else in the world copies.  Perhaps it was once like that.  But at the time I did my research, it was the opposite.  It was just that the resources hadn’t been spread out.
  • In other words, Silicon Valley is taking everyone within a geographical location- and making them successful.  Then claiming innovation only happens there because this is where all the smart people live. That is actually a lie, and one of the reasons why everyone there will defend it.  Because there is an underlying knowledge that if we now removed that location factor, many of these same people would probably not be successful.  Definitely not once they are put back up against entrepreneurs outside of SV, who have been facing high levels of adversity.
  • I actually found that there was innovation happening everywhere, but there is also a deep knowing that there is no “way out” building that type of company.  So the entrepreneurs are often forced, instead, to work on something smaller.
  • Combating how networks evolve into what Silicon Valley now has, was another large area of discovery for me.
  • Experimented alot with the social gullibility of investors in the earlier years (these were some of my first tests).  I would go into forums with different personas and sway the outcomes.  The usual. Both positive and negative.
  • My personas had different age groups, genders, credentials, etc.

Very very very small portion of what I’ve been doing.

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