delay but I’m back.

It’s a bit complicated, I realized I was pretty fucking tired after 7 years and needed to rest before my attempt to scale. I have slept 12-14 hours a day. When I look around at other entrepreneurs who scaled quickly, made bad decisions, then over diluted themselves loosing their motivation, in hindsight I’ve very pleased I have somehow wound up on this path instead, 7 years in with nearly no dilution and no salary.

There’s also the minor stressful fact of some strange people are living in my phone, going through 2 personal court cases (but Standard shit) within a year, and loosing yet another personal domestic relationship that cannot withstand the pressure of dealing with me or the startup situation.

But let’s get back to this fundraising merry go round. I’m siked. Even though there is not a remote chance in hell you will even be able to comprehend the sheer amount of information I have around the my vision after this long, that I will now have to go and execute for the next 20 years because the company fails without me.

I may give you the wrong information if you rub me the wrong way, and won’t travel anywhere to meet anyone. If I need to explain why, you can leave. But I’ll test your intelligence and see how this goes.

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