I started writing this a few days ago, but am just now getting around to finishing.  

Here are some more No’s so no time is wasted:

  • We don’t entertain capital that has a lengthy process + adds no additional value.  That equals unnecessarily expensive capital in a current market that doesn’t justify it.  If you/your firm however adds value/good match, then that justifies a lengthier process.
  • It is not my preference to submit information, fill out applications, or pitch to formal angel groups that subscribe to traditional philosophies & stages.  This company is built the way it is for a reason.  And we aren’t going to change that just to bypass formal screening processes.  Decisions consider long-term impact/vision.  Not just next quarter, or next month.  I don’t build a company for investors.  I do what is most important, when it is most important.
  • If you have a legitimate question about why something is being done the way it is, then just ask.  Don’t make assumptions.  And you’ll get a very good, logical reason in return of why that decision was made.  ……………This happens to me alot actually, because I’m so quiet.  I’m quiet because I’m thinking, but because it’s silence people feel the need to talk.  Then they eventually talk themselves into an inaccurate conclusion during the conversation.  Instead of just asking.

Or maybe it’s a combination of different things.  The quietness, the being female, being tiny, 30 years old, and you still look like a kid.  Something.  Who knows.

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