Yes, I should clarify those details then.

The engineer and I divorced 6 years ago when I was 24, and had no kids together. I had to give him a property during the divorce. Which he has pretty much destroyed. Haven’t even spoken in 5 years.

My daughters father (the one I’m talking about) is an investment compliance consultant. He lives in Tampa near me. Just simply both overworked because our daughter is rather high maintenance (she is 2). As an example, she was up from 12:00am-6:15am this morning because she was overstimulated.

Our schedules keep competing with each other, and we are constantly shuffling stuff between houses. I’m wondering if it may be more practical to realize neither of us are ever getting married anyway (he is in his 40s now). We get along, we might as well cohabit, combine resources, and provide more security.

I’m just worried someone will be touching my stuff. Then their stuff would be co-mingling with my stuff.

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