The CEO War: Sprint vs T-Mobile

Has anyone else been watching the Sprint CEO Marcelo, and the T-Mobile CEO John, battle it out since the buyout collapsed?

It’s HILARIOUS.  John coined the twitter hastag: #sprintlikehell and Marcelo has been counting the numbers of customers they’re stealing from T-Mobile.

Go Marcelo!  WIN that business!  Further evaluation is needed, but John seems to be taking the douchebag approach thus far:

I kinda want to root for John.  I did get him though, when he got up on that stage and said the F word, bullshit, etc.  When the media looked shocked, he said “I’m relating to my customers!”  That was kind of funny.  Ok, so one point for him.

On the other hand, there was the FTC investigation and the failed deal.  Alright, yeah, let’s keep voting for Marcelo.

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