Technically, I will be taking over the entire ecosystem and economy.  I guess I should make that clear upfront.

Though my plans have taken in millions of various considerations from many opposing roles & I do not discuss those (outside the company) in strategic or technical detail, I am most excited about a few aspects of my vision I would like to share:

  • That we will be controlling all business creation regardless of personal networks, location, and financial means of
    the individual starting the business. Globalization will phase out.  But it will be the creation of a new business world, (what I call) “natural” empires (visions), small businesses, entrepreneurs, and so forth.  A component of this was also breaking up Silicon Valley…
  • The second most important thing to know: We
    do not achieve these goals through
    mentorship, incubation, the counting of likes or number of employees, ICO’s, networks, benchmarking, consulting, business plans, venture capital funds, or crowd wisdom (which is an amusing oxymoron in itself because crowds aren’t wise).  We are none of the above.  We don’t exist yet.  We are a technology company, but a very different one then you are used to. This is not to say that these resources aren’t necessarily viable in their own merit, or on a smaller scale.  It’s that in the process of discovery they were not deemed to be the most viable path.
  • The third (but arguably the biggest): When I put my vision together, we should have the capabilities of accelerating substantially larger visions into a more doable lifetime.  Ideas actually form (in their entirety) over periods of hundreds of years.  Value is lost everytime a transfer of knowledge occurs.  Of course when I use the word “acceleration” I’m referring to something vastly different then the current methods of acceleration (via hyping and half-assing visions in order to create an illusion of speed).  Again, there are millions of business/technical details developed as to how that’s going to work.

I will elaborate vaguely on the detailed “millions of considerations from opposing roles” that was discovery: This included very complex issues: from power dynamics, how do we handle competition between nodes within the global networks (as a third party)….to simple questions like: ‘how do you find the right entrepreneurs’, to translating my own research cases into polynomial equations to be translated into further technology.

Thank you.

Fortuna rota volvitur; rex sedet in vertice; caveat ruinam! Alter in altum tollitur

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