Why people with ADHD become entrepreneurs

There is a guy on YouTube who self proclaims as ADHD.  His name is Jerry.  At first glance, he looks like a hipster who’s constantly bouncing around from subject to subject.  He says “ADHD people are never bored!  If you are, you don’t have ADHD!”  Looks at his popcorn “everything is interesting to me, even the popcorn…yum yum yum”.

He’s obviously an unconventional hyper, overstimulated kid, yes.  But I would doubt Jerry has real ADHD.  He likely is suffering from excessive dopamine, where everything interests him and captivates his motivation. He’s probably been misdiagnosed.

Real ADHD is just the opposite.  It’s a motivation disorder.  A real “ADHD’er” wouldn’t even have the motivation to make this video, because the payoff wouldn’t be large enough.  ADHD is medically defined as a chemical imbalance in the brain, known as low dopamine.  This is why scientists developed stimulants for it.  The surge of ADHD cases in the US is caused by a false label that hyper or extroverted= ADHD. 

Low dopamine kids are actually usually always bored, often appear lazy/unmovitated, and have trouble finding anything that will interest them enough to sustain their attention.  Yes, that excluded popcorn, Jerry. 

The classic ADHD kid is squirming on the floor, frustrated, saying “I’m so bored Mom…”.  Mom says “well go find something to do, play with your toys, go outside”.  ADHD kid says “I can’t”.  And continues to lie on the floor frustrated.

They truly can’t. It’s because it’s not stimulating or challenging enough to increase their dopamine levels.  Without a boost in dopamine, it’s not even motivating enough for them to go do it.

This is why people with real ADHD gravitate toward high risk entrepreneurship.  The risk and opportunity is what triggers enough dopamine to actually motivate us to go do it.

Russell Barkley explains what really happens.  ADHD is also not a mood disorder, like Bipolar.  It’s not a lack of ability to see things from anothers perspective, like Aspergers.  It’s a mood regulation disorder.  The emotions they experience are very real, and justified.  They just don’t filter them.  It’s emotionally impulsive.

“Everyone else thought in their mind to throttle the supervisor following an insult.  The ADHD person actually did it, and got fired”.  Ha.  Now that’s, ADHD.

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